Sunday, April 30, 2017

Announcement- Atremento Chronicles coming soon!

Announcement! (Please play theme music, if for no other reason than to make your day much more epic.)
The Guardian, by White Wall

Coming soon...

I was going to hold off until I had more ready (typed, edited, etc), but I couldn't wait any longer! This will be a blog series based on a series that I've spent 10+ years writing and just recently set aside to work on other projects with more seriousness. But, truthfully, I missed my characters and wanted to find a way to still write them in my free time. My hope is that I can post at least one addition to this fantasy "adventure" series at least once a month just for fun. I would like to post the first installment, the Prologue, this Thursday (DV). 

What do you guys think??! 

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