I am so glad you found my page! I am an aspiring writer, hoping to someday finish my book. I love sci-fi and fantasy literature, animals, and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Please pray for me on my journey towards reaching my goal! Here on my blog I will fill you in on updates as I write and fun topics, including shout-outs to other authors and writing friends who also aspire to accomplish similar goals.

The Writing


Are Fantasy Novels Worth Our Time?, a guest post on The Word After, a literary blog constructed by two English-loving ladies offering a fresh perspective on literature both old and new


"Ember's story" (Working title)
I have no excerpts shared at this time. It is futuristic, possibly dystopian.
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"Lyla's story" (Working title)
story excerpt was shared on December 22, 2016.
It is set in Victorian London.
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Who I Am, What I Do
Welcome to the Ink Lizard! My goal is to make it possible for young and not-so-young adults like myself who enjoy fantasy and sci-fi find good, wholesome literature that is fantastical, adventurous, and exciting, but also shows the value of living life for God in all we do and say.

What do I write about? 
On my blog, I plan to not only share my journey of writing-in-order-to-publish, learning about the writing world, but to also write. On occasion I enjoy sharing serious posts on topics that I am religiously passionate about or just some light ones on things I've learned or am learning. I have more ideas (in the works) for fun things to share, but I'm not quite ready to share with you all exactly what that is... :) (DV, soon though!) (Updated last 3-19-2017)

Things I believe:
1. I believe in Jesus Christ, the third person of the Holy Trinity, as my personal Savior and Lord.
2. I believe we are each given spiritual gifts that are very unique and that can be used for His glory.
3. I believe that creative writing can be God-glorifying and edifying, be not just "fun," but also serve a greater purpose: to inspire others to make Godly choices and model themselves after uprightness.
Things I love to write about:
1. My growing trust in Christ, and His amazing work in my life.
2. Nerd-ish things: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Avengers, cats, tea & coffee, worlds I create
3. Combining Christianity and fiction together in a way that is both fantastical and God-glorifying.

Elizabeth Koetsier lives in West Michigan and has been writing ever since she can remember. (Really, her earliest memory is of turning spelling words into stories, probably in first grade or before.) She loves fantasy and science fiction literature, mythology, Reformed theology, critters of all shapes and sizes, and her crazy cat, Jemma. In the winters, she likes drinking tea and crochet, and in the summers she enjoys gardening and the outdoors. Elizabeth works at Tekton, Inc. on the maintenance team.

Who am I?
Although I have always been drawn to words and writing, I have not always done so with purpose. It was not long ago that I attempted to "set aside" writing (not giving it up, but just doing it for me) because I believed that publishing was an impossibility. This was the worst thing any writer can do (seriously, don't do it). In that between-high-school-and-college stage I had gone to a writing conference where many of us young writers were convinced that it was such a high improbability that anyone would even read our manuscripts that it was barely worth bothering with. I stopped writing with the idea that someday I might write for others, hoping but not really believing I would be able to.
It wasn't until approximately 2015 that my cousin messaged me asking if I knew Tricia Mingerink and also that she had published a book. I had met her once before (our mothers were friends) and I was very intrigued and ecstatic for her. It became obvious to me that what was "impossible" even just ten years ago was completely, totally possible. The writing and publishing world has changed drastically since my in-between days, thanks to social media and the ever-growing popularity of Indie publishing. (Will I do this? I do not know.) As I learned how much has changed and how quickly, it became obvious to me that I had a chance.
Not long after I met with a friend who mentored me for a short period of time, and she said something I had often felt but never quite voiced to myself. Not writing, not expending that creativity building up inside was damaging me. When God gives you your gifts, you can't fight it. He will make you face them head-on, even and especially when you are afraid of them. (Yes, you can be afraid of your own gifts. Sometimes I am, but that's why you have to keep doing it.)
Both these tiny events have slowly changed the way I approach writing.
And here I am. With little to offer you but words.
I don't have a professional biography, I am pretty ordinary- except that I'm not. I have always been a writer. Anyone who knew me as a child knew that I dragged notebooks with me everywhere, was constantly jotting down ideas and stories and never quite had both feet in this world. Being a writer is not something you can turn off or put down, it's there and you never know when the time comes that you just have to write it. It's not like other jobs, where you walk in, punch in, and just work until you punch out. It's with you while you're working and it follows you night and day. I believe that is biography enough, because I know I have the strength of God with me and for me. I have worked in a greenhouse and farmer's market for three years during college, been a receptionist for five years, and now I am a custodial specialist at Tekton, Inc. None of those jobs are that grand, but I've been carried through each step, fighting to get to where I am now, and I am just blessed to just have this opportunity.

My vigilant watch-cat, who oversees all paperwork, approves all folders, writing areas and is a true tester of writing materials and their durability: Jemma. (You should know who she is because I'm certain she will be mentioned in a blog or two.) Jemma is a talented little star. She dislikes being alone, adores brushes, and is ecstatic about hair ties. She enjoys demands to play fetch with the hair ties she delivers at your feet. After much patience from myself and many narrowed-eye sessions, she has proven she's clever enough to sit, stand, lay down, shake paws and (sometimes) roll over on command.

Other things I enjoy~ Crochet

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