Thursday, March 30, 2017

Guest Post: Copy Cat, by Wendy Foulke

It is with great pleasure that I am able to share with you a guest post from Wendy Foulke. She was the main speaker at the #RegardingHIM Conference I attended a few weekends ago, and I also consider her a friend in Christ. I have learned from her the domino-effect of giving to others without reserve, and I hope that the words the Lord has given her are uplifting to you today, wherever you are and whatever you are doing. 
Thank you, Wendy, for allowing me to share your reflective words!

For more the Re:garding HIM Conference, you can visit their website. Wendy can also be found

Copy Cat

My daughter is an observer.  Those who know her would describe her as quiet and perhaps shy.  But, that quiet little girl is busy at work in social settings:  she’s observing your every detail.

When Brynne returns home from school, she then spends several hours playing School.  Imitating her teacher’s words and actions, she instructs her doll babies in a myriad of intellectual pursuits.  Piano lesson day?  That brings hours worth of sitting at the piano with her “student” after experiencing it all firsthand herself.

One of the most precious ways my daughter imitates, though, is in worship.  Each Sunday she observes hundreds of worshippers singing praise to the Lord.  At a young age she is learning to wholeheartedly worship the only One worthy of our praise.  While most of us would agree that God’s word is not full of suggestions, but rather commands, we somehow excuse ourselves when we read Scripture that exhorts us to ‘lift up our hands in the sanctuary and bless the Lord’.  Brynne is too young to know that the culture says she should feel undignified in raising a hand or offering God her all.

Whether we are in a place of formal leadership or not, we are all examples to someone in our lives. Someone is observing us and imitating us.  Our leading may be directing others on a path toward becoming more like Jesus or on an opposite path.  We must be mindful and intentional in our daily lives and choices.  Remember, though, that it’s not up to us to figure it out on our own.

While it may seem intimidating to hear that we are an example to someone (or some oneS), what a gift to know that we are only leading by following.

Following the One who will never make a single mistake.
Following the One who will light our path.
Following the One who will never lead us astray.

As we seek to know Jesus all the more, we will see His example clearly.  Then, we can follow Him!  As we struggle or trip up, we point back to Him.  We confess our sins, we move on in His forgiveness.  He gives us all the power to live out our calling as Christians in a worthy way.  We do it through Him!

So, don’t give up leading others because you think you’ll mess up.  Guess what?  You WILL mess up!  But, go forward in great confidence as you follow and are strengthened by Jesus Christ.   Act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God.

Love, Wendy

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