Sunday, March 5, 2017

Fredrick Meijer Butterfly Season

Fredrick Meijer is one of my favorite places, and I had to share with you one of the reasons why! I was privileged to visit there this weekend, at the beginning of the butterfly season. Here are some photos, old and new I've collected from their greenhouse.

This taste of summer at the end of still-winter season is always so welcome, and a wonderful reminder of God's creativity and attention to detail.

This butterfly below is one of the favorites inside the greenhouse. At first glance you might not quite understand why. Although it has such lovely patterns on the outside of its wings, it isn't a very eye-catching color...

...but if you wait for it to open it's wings, it glimmers an incredible, iridescent blue inside. It is called a Blue Morpho. 

Would you ever have guessed? Here one is waking from its slumber with fancy new wings just drying off.

If I may be just a little cliche for a second, this butterfly reminds me of the little saying, "Never judge a book by its cover." 

This one made me smile; it so seemed to enjoy basking in the glorious sunlight. 

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