Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Essentials of a Productive Day

There are many things I like to do or to have with me throughout the day so that when I have a moment, I can write, and when I write, that I can do so easily and comfortably. Finding quiet, comfortable places to write can be a challenge. (With no solution in sight.) However, I had a great afternoon break a week or so ago, and took this picture of the supplies I had on hand that day, and I think it was a good summary of "essentials" for me throughout my day to get the most out of the little snatches of time I have to write. (Please forgive the terrible quality, it was taken with my phone.)

The very first thing I do when I sit down is to take off my shoes. Shoes must go. Shoes are a nuisance. It's impossible to be comfortable in any chair with shoes on since I like to curl up to keep warm. Anyway, I find that creative thinking comes so much quicker to me when I'm comfortable and cozy. (To be perfectly honest, I rather hate shoes for any and every occasion -even church or other events that fancy shoes are required for- and would be more than happy going barefoot everywhere, but I've been told this is socially unacceptable. It is one thing I can never seem to match properly, by style, or even color. I was once told, by a former co-worker: "You don't know how to  match shoes. You wear old lady shoes." Yes, yes I do, and I have no problem with it.)

I like, also, to have something to drink. At work, water is the most satisfying, but at home I most often make tea. Tea is cozy and delicately satisfying, it's like a gentle hug.

Pens, if I'm not typing, must be of exceptional quality. The ink must flow easily from the tip, and not get all cloggy on the pen nib, and my hand must feel relaxed holding the pen. I once had a set of pens which had very nice, very black ink with a quick flow, but for whatever reason I always noticed my hand got very tired after only a short time of writing. I have found that Sharpie felt-tips allow me to write quickly and easily without my hands tiring too soon. 

Yes, there are two notebooks in this picture. I have one that is for personal and devotional journaling (which is why the small ESV was in this picture- a sound beginning to the day is most helpful all around, not just for writing, but for living). Sometimes ideas are dropped into the personal notebook. (They pop into my head of their own accord, I've no control over this.) However, bigger ideas, or hashing out scenes or expanding ideas are scribbled into the other notebook. The other notebook also I use to take notes on especially helpful tips- which I have done often while reading Plot & Scructure by James Scott Bell. (It's seriously good- I'm totally going to need The Art of War next.) I am so thankful to live where these kinds of books and resources are readily available to me. 

As a side note, there will be a fun Star Wars post coming this month [soon] which will be totally political (something I never do), but I couldn't resist a bit of fun. (Seeing as we're all politic-ed out, and Rogue One comes out December 16, you know I couldn't resist. -No, I will absolutely not be going opening night because I have to wear shoes then, and be among crowds.)


  1. "Tea is cozy and delicately satisfying, it's like a gentle hug." So beautifully put! My family has teatime every afternoon around 4:00. :) My grandmother was from England, and she definitely passed down to us her love of tea.

    Great post! I don't write by hand much anymore but this has made me want to start again. :)

    1. Oh wow! What a lovely thing to share with family. I'm so glad to have inspired you, Nicole. I love to write by hand. I am trying out going back to typing for my book, but I still find something special in hand-writing. It's much more time consuming and more work, but very worth it in the end.