Saturday, November 12, 2016

I'd rather be crazy than silent

Oh autumn, how I love thee. Summer is probably my favorite season, but there is something beautiful in each season. I love the spicy, earthy smell of fallen leaves, and the gorgeous colors; it is like the trees are set on fire for just a few weeks, and their rainbow-hued ashes cover the ground and fill our world with brightness! Ah, Michigan, you are my favorite.

Now, on to business!

I will have a guest post on November 19th over at, a literary blog scribed by two ladies I have met in New York at Messiah's Reformed Fellowship. Sarah Diehl and Brittany Zayas are word-motivated ladies who write on book reviews, literary analysis and more. They post weekly, which I think takes some dedication! Both are very talented writers, so you should check out some of their reviews. 
My guest post will be on "Why is fantasy literature worth our time?" This was a bit of a personal essay for me, as I often feel lot of people tend to blow me off when I share with them that besides my Christian faith I also love fantasy and science-fiction. Part of what I seek to accomplish in writing is to show that it is possible to write in a way that combines these things, either symbolically or, sometimes, not symbolically. :) Some of you have been asking to get to know me as a writer, and so this is a little toe in the door. I hope you will like it, and I hope that those Christians who discredit fantasy literature will listen. I might be crazy, but I'd rather be crazy than silent and waiting forever to use what I have been given.

I have decided against NaNoWriMo again. I know, again. Every year I say to myself "Man, it would be so fun to do it!" and then there are fifty eleven reasons why I don't. This year, I didn't again, for a hundred fifty eleven reasons again. The past two weeks I have set it a goal to finish at least 10 pages in my novel, which should equal 20 by now, but instead is 0. Frustrating. I would like to find the time to write more things on specific topics, but for now these little "updates" will have to suffice. 

Check back soon as I will let you all know when this guest post is completed and posted. 

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