Sunday, August 6, 2017

Busy Week Ahead! Aug. 7-11 Usborne Online Party & Aug. 11-13 Exiles Weekend Release Blitz

Hello all!
This past week I attended my very last Logos. It was sad to realized the end of an era (a very short one for me since I started going to Logos quite late). The speakers they chose for the sessions and workshops are always outstanding. I may be more than biased, but I think the Reformed circle has an abundance of grounded, deep-thinking men from which the RYS board can choose from to lead these events. This year's topic was "Living with a Purpose" with Ed Marcusse as the main speaker. You can find more details on it here. The day away was at the Henry Ford Museum, but I chose to stay behind. A lot of people do, there are always activities to take part in at the retreat centers, and plenty of people will start up a game if there's down time, too. Since there was a water slide available, I did give that a go and it was great fun! I highly recommend this event as a great way to delve deep into Scripture and learn more about God's Word. It was sad to leave because I realized that there will likely not be any more events like this in which I can go for a few days at a time, just soaking in Biblical teachings every day. I will also miss many good friends I met there, friends from all over the world (not just the United States!). If you want to know more, you are welcome to comment below a question or message me through Facebook and I would be happy to share with you about this great opportunity. Please take it while you can! The committee is fantastic, they are always understanding and want to make the Logos events as enjoyable and comfortable for everyone as possible.

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Also, a quick reminder before we move on to other exciting news- Usborne Online Party will kick off tomorrow (that is, Monday!). It will be held on my writer's Facebook page (check out the little buttons on the right side of my page here and follow the Facebook one) through Friday. There is lots to share! I picked out some fun titles of fairy-tale tellings, and Shakespeare quotations, plus more to share with you and Usborne is releasing a lot of new books this month.
For friends who do write, there are also some helpful books on writing. (I actually have one of them on my shelf and have found it quite helpful for prompts and hints.)

Finally, Sunday, August 13 I will post my interview with Jaye L. Knight, author of the Ilyon Chronicles. The fourth installment in this fantastic series is Exiles. I am about halfway through The King's Scrolls (2nd one of the series) and I love it! It is full of adventure and memorable, lovable characters. Besides, dragons are awesome and I want one. Jaye writes them in a very similar way to how I imagine them, and I'm completely melted over Gem (perhaps a little bit because her name and and sweet personality are reminiscent of my own Jemma-cat). I will post more Ilyon Chronicles fun things on Monday in preparation for the weekend blitz!

Keep checking back because it's going to be a busy week over here!

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