Saturday, July 22, 2017

Events to Look Forward To and Prayer Requests

Hello all! It's way past time for an update!

~Upcoming Events To Watch Out For~

1. In three weeks (August 7-11) I will be throwing an online Usborne Book Party on my writer's Facebook page. (The link can be found among the other social media buttons on the top of the right side panel here on the blog.) I am excited about doing this party, I have never done anything like it before! If you want to check out what's available before we begin, head on over to Usborne Books and More with Patti on Facebook. There will be lots of variety available, they are not only for children (although that is their main focus). I had so much fun perusing the catalog and seeing what is available:

-Inspirational quotes (one is even just Shakespeare quotes!)
-Adult coloring books
-Fiction YA novels
-Children's versions of classics & fairy tales (including Anne of Green Gables, The Secret Garden & Robin Hood)
-Writing help/ advice books
-Educational books (grammar, arithmetic, and the like)

Personally, my favorite choices would be the children's versions of classics and the writing help books! Which books would intrigue you? I would love to hear feedback! Some of these book choices will not be available until August (hence, the reason the party will be next month).

2. I haven't had a second to read, so I am crawling my way through The King's Scrolls (Jaye L. Knight) yet and looking forward to sharing an author interview with you on August 13 to celebrate the release of her fourth Ilyon Chronicles book, Exiles. How great is that?! I highly recommend these novels for anyone! (I seriously can't wait until Kaden gets to ride his dragon!) I will not be the only author sharing an author interview or review during this Weekend Release Blitz. I will share other articles on Facebook as I see them leading up to the interview over here. I look forward to sharing it with you soon!
If you are able to read her books to catch up between now and then, please review her books on Amazon and Goodreads! Reviews are the best gift you can give to authors, and, personally, I just love to support Christian authors who write good, adventurous, wholesome novels. :)

~Going Forward~

In other news, life has been a bit hectic for me, and I am praying my way through it. God has certainly been challenging me this year in new ways that I did not expect. I would appreciate continued prayers from you as I pray daily to find the perfect work-life balance. While reading Stable Help (Connie VanHuis) I was blessed this week to find that several days in a row, the challenges I knew I would face that day were directly addressed in her devotional before I began my work day. This was a very comforting feeling!
Specifically, I would ask for prayers that I would the time to read. This seems to be an unimportant request, but to me it is much bigger. This is how I unwind (besides writing). This is how I breathe in the middle of the day so that I can return to my tasks with refreshed gusto. It is also important for me as a writer to be able to still enjoy books to remind myself why I love to write especially when I am more busy. It allows me to take the time to continue learning from others, too. So while this request seems very small, it is actually very big and I would appreciate many prayers for me in this.

Lastly, I would like to recommend to those young adults of the Reformed Faith the Logos Conference, which is held this year August 2-5 in Michindoh. (It is always held in August and again in December/January.) People come from all over the US and Canada to join in!
Logos is a retreat for Young Adults between the ages of 18-30 that lasts just a few days. Each day, you meet morning and evening with your same small group, and attend one or two main sessions and rotate through several workshops. The sessions and workshops all center around one theme, and this year's theme is Living with A Purpose. There is always a day away that is optional, but if you choose not to go you won't be left out- plenty of people often opt to stay behind at the retreat location and enjoy activities provided there and/or games and fellowship.
While I am very much an introvert and it is an exhausting weekend, it is also very rewarding and the sessions are always top-notch.

I can't wait to share with you the Usborne Party and more Ilyon Chronicles things! Have a wonderful week, all!

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