Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Happy Snowflakes

Today, I woke up deciding to be happy. Happy that I made it to Wednesday, happy it is snowing, happy that Friday is only two days away. Deciding to be happy, though, is not always a magic potion that puts all your fears to rest. Some of us know this better than others. I had a day last week where I decided to be happy because it was snowing. Snow reminds me of God's incredible power as the wind blows, His grace as the snow floats to earth, and His creativity in each tiny flake. A God who creates such a small thing with such dangerous potential can also make me, a small sinner saved by grace, full of His power, grace, and creativity. Did knowing this automatically make me happy? Yes, but no. Sometimes there is no "off" button for our fears and worries. But I was comforted, because I knew what I felt would not change what God would does. God does not change based on my emotions.

Often, I believe we use prayer like a crutch when we feel lame. We lean on it when in pain, but leave it lying elsewhere when we think we can walk again, and especially when we feel like we are soaring. Even when soaring though, the ground is a long way down, and we all need Him to guide us. When I lean on prayer no matter what is happening in life, God's answers are always consistent with His promises. Snow changes, it can be soft and fluffy or furious and icy, and we change, too. We can be cheerful or angry, but that never changes how God cares for us. When I continuously pray, the only thing that changes for me is that, even when afraid, I am comforted knowing I am full of His power, grace, and creativity. Then I am happy because I am His snowflake, waiting for Him to put me where I am the best fit for Him.

So when you look at the sky and watch it snowing, complaining about how cold you are, think of how amazing it is that you have a warm coat, and that you are not alone in Him. Think of each snowflake as a testament to His greatness and care for you, resting in that constant.

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