Thursday, February 9, 2017

Interview with Lyla

Updates first, interview second!
1. Blog updates: So, I have updated the blog again (obviously), but less obvious is that I have also added the ability to subscribe to my posts via email. You can find the subscription button on the right sidebar, at the very bottom under all the other necessary nonsense I've included on the blog.
2. Writing update: I've been very bad about writing lately. I have too many reasons why and I'm not going to bore you with a list. Mostly I just can't seem to reach that "beyond this very second" level of thought in the last week. Tonight (I actually mean Wednesday night, because I'm editing this and adding to it tonight so all I have to do tomorrow is hit "publish" because I am weird about planning things like this sorry about the rambling) I am enjoying calming camomile tea while thinking about how grateful I am that it is already Wednesday, and I have only four more days until I can rest on the Sabbath. What a great gift it is.

For now, here is the awaited interview!

Interview with Lyla

Lyla was kind enough to grace us with her presence today! I hope that you will enjoy this interview with her and are able to get to know her a little better. Lyla's quite a different sort of character than I've done before, so I'm just getting to know her, too.
What is this?
Will you please not touch the keyboard.
Don't hit that button.
How does it work?
I don't know, Lyla. Can we please continue?
It doesn't interest you to know how this thing that you use to write letters to others works?
No, but I thoroughly appreciate that it does work, and those who do understand how it works. Did Fallyn arrange your hair today? It is very nice.
Fallyn is quite artistically talented.
Are you ready to start? We're starting anyway, whether you like it or not.
*glowers at me*

What's your full name?
Lyla Fox.

Are you married?
Why are you asking me this, you should know.
Lyla, they don't know it. Talk to them.
Your smile is a little sinister. Loosen up a little. Much better.

*clears throat*

What country would you most like to visit?
I would never leave England, but I suppose Rome, Italy.

What country would you conquer?
Conquering countries is of no concern to me. I have my own things to keep me busy, but if I must answer, America. Who is asking this question anyway?
Lyla. Seriously. I know this is very out of place for you, but please try not to make it too difficult.

Do you have a favorite color? 
Lime green- it is exquisite, and matches my eyes. 

What is the first thing you remember building?
I made things with my father. Together we assembled mechanical mice, which frightened my mother but also made her laugh. *Smiles sadly*

Cat or dog person?
 This is a rediculous question.
Answer it anyway, Lyla.
Why am I not surprised?
What did you just mutter about me?
Nothing, Continue.

What do you think has been the biggest influence in your life?
My father. My mother. Oh, that there could be a way to bring them back. Then Henry, whom I hope never to speak to again. Oh yes- and Rex, of course.

What is your favorite time of day?
Night, when I am most alive with my inventions.

Have you ever broken a bone?
I have only broken a toe, when running down the street and tripping over someone's dropped hat boxes.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
I would love to eradicate the strange, unexplained criminal activity off the streets of London, and find some answers to my parents death, if they yet exist. Once this is accomplished, I could marry a decent fellow who is not necessarily wealthy but can at least afford me one lime-green silk gown and allow me to fill our home with curious inventions of my own making.

Chocolate or vanilla?
Do you have to ask? Chocolate, for it is the most decadent thing I've ever tasted in my life.

Name a memorable holiday dish you won't soon forget.
I was once invited to a lovely holiday meal where they served a plum pudding. What fantastic fun it was to set it alight with fire first! I did rather enjoy the roast, too.

Thank you, Lyla. That was very nice, we truly appreciated your presence with us tonight. Short but sweet, just as I promised to you. 
I hope the rest of you enjoyed this short interview with Lyla! She's so fun to write, and I hope you had as much fun listening in as I did writing this. 
Happy Thursday!


  1. I enjoyed reading the interview. :) I'd love to hear more about the plot of your novel.

    1. Thank you, Nicole! I'm unsure how much to share about the novel as it is still pretty new (so very subject to change!), and I have been working on Ember's story in-between some work stress. Ember seems to be soaking up my angst better right now. :) I have thought about sharing character analysis from old pieces I've written, but no one would have a connection to them except me, so I'm not sure if readers would be interested in that?