Saturday, October 15, 2016


Hello all!
I wanted to let you know that I am still working on writing projects, just so you don't think I went away.  (((I know you tried to run. ))))

I do have something beginning, but it's not quite a seedling yet.

My "break" lasted about 1.5 days* and while Atremento has been shelved (today) I was sneaking into unused offices on lunch breaks this week to borrow white boards and create some rather messy thought bubbles. Forget outlines. Pssht, I never used outlines anyway. Just brainstorm!

*the 1.5 days included a Sunday, so it doesn't really count. It is more accurately measured as .5 days according to my brain-clock. I do not count numbers when telling time. Time is like "morning" "afternoon" and "evening", followed by "when I'm supposed to sleep."

Second, Nadine Brandes, author of the Out of Time series is hosting a Facebook release party on Tuesday for her third book in this series A Time to Rise! I have just completed the second book, A Time to Speak, and once again I have found a new book to fall in love with. Her dysotopian novels combine fiction and faith head-on, calling readers to consider what they plan to do with their time today. She asks the question, if you knew when you were going to die, how would you live differently? I discovered her books through Tricia Mingerink, who lives here in Michigan. Tricia Mingerink's Blades of Acktar are a wonderful mix of adventure and action in a western setting but with a fantasy-like feel. Her characters struggle against persecution because of their faith in God.

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