Atremento Chronicles

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White Hawks Chapters
Chapter 1 coming soon

Hisoka (and son, Täne [tah-nay])
Ilána: (ill-ahna): James's wife
James: Nico's adoptive brother
Navaelin: (Nav-eye-lin) Nico's mother
Nico: (pro. nick-o not neeko), main character
Owen: Nico's friend
Reed: Nico's father
Sayla: Nico's friend, Owen's wife

Words in Sidhemhirde     (shee-theh-wer-deh)     (th as in "that" not "thing")
Cána: (ka-nah) no, negativity or disagreement
Cenahin: (ken-ah-hin) an expression of gratitude
Héro: (hay-ro not Hair-o), Father
Méra: (may-ra not mair-a), Mother
Séna: (shay-nah) yes, or affirmation
Váncira: (vahn-kee-rah) a drink made from white berries only grown in Atremento, non-alcoholic
Sidhe: (shee) my version is more elf-like than fae, but the idea comes from Celtic mythology

A little background...
I truly have no idea of how long I've had these stories. If you want a time frame, the best I can give you is that for certain, I've been working on them for at least a single decade. They were hugely inspired by Tolkien, and the first versions were so much more clumsy. They were written backwards... mostly. I began writing, and realized I had so much background for one of the important supporting characters that I could write another story. So I set aside the first story to pursue the second, and realized that I actually needed to back up even further, because there was even more background that was important to tell. I had hoped that one day I could publish Book 3 "Flight" (started first but never completed), then 2 "Dark Feathers" and finally Book 1 "White Hawks"
However, there came a point when I realized that continuously following this story was not allowing me to explore other stories and grow as a writer. I dearly loved these characters, and it was a strange, strange weekend for me when I made that choice to set it aside. I couldn't promise myself I'd never pick it up and I couldn't allow myself to recycle characters. 
Several people have asked me to share more of what I really love to write, and I'm hesitant to share Lyla's and Ember's stories because I would like to publish them someday. I decided that I could visit my old characters and still move forward with more serious projects by sharing my Atremento Chronicles as a blog series. They are meant to be fun, but I also sprinkle in some seriousness. 
Some themes explored in this series...
Grace. I hope readers that follow this series take away an appreciation for grace in friendships and relationships. I love exploring themes and morals in my stories. There is so much literature out there that is feeling-driven, meaning the characters consistently do what "feels" right to them instead of setting aside their feelings to do what is morally right in God's eyes. Giving grace is not always the easy decision in any situation.
Forgiveness. Many of my characters live with damaged or broken relationships with another. Fantasy literature often uses revenge as a driving theme in their stories. I hope that my protagonists show that solutions are not found by making the other person know what their pain is like, but by showing them what peace and joy is despite the pain they inflict on others. 
Friendship. Sometimes this is a fragile thing. Often it's unpredictable or unexplained. The best friends are those that are loyal and steadfast, even in the worst of moments. They may not be perfect, they may be very faulty, but that doesn't make them invaluable.

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